What My Bankruptcy Lawyer Did For Me

    Helped me filed all the necessary paperwork
    Guided me with “selecting” the “more lenient” trustee
    Helped me determine what are exempt and non-exempt assets
    Helped me interpret all the legal mumbo jumbo

It has been 1 ½ year since I have filed for bankruptcy protection.   But the beauty of having procured a bankruptcy lawyer is that I can always call on the bankruptcy lawyer if I have some questions on my particular situation.  It was just last month that I received another letter from the mortgage company that had the lien on the house I had given up for foreclosure.  The mortgage company was ready to start the foreclosure proceedings in the court of law.  Even though I had a clear idea what the legal document is conveying, it was still nice to be able to get the reassurance of the bankruptcy lawyer who then explained the entire process to me.  If I didn’t get a bankruptcy lawyer to handle my case and filed the bankruptcy on my own, I would have to do my own interpretation of the law.  To me, it was just a better that I seek the help of a professional bankruptcy lawyer to handle my case.  Granted, it cost me about $3,000 to secure this bankruptcy lawyer, I would say that it was still money well spent..